this number at my work keeps calling about 10 times a day with a recorded message.

Answer by Richard S
Research the DO NOT CALL LIST on the web. Add your name and phone number to it. Should stop the calls

Answer by robbiec202
Go trash his office

Answer by leaptad
Talk to your IT/phone department. You can also talk to the phone company. In absense of that, there are some devices you can buy that will get rid of these companies.

Answer by Miranda K
call your phone company and have them block all restricted or private numbers from being able to call your phone

Answer by lois d
get a answering machine that works great for me.

Answer by Charlotte will let you be registered to stop these annoying calls

Answer by Pineapple~Queen
the Do Not Call list; searh for it on Google, type in your name and number, and you're set!- for the next 5 years, anyway. Oh, and it's free.

Answer by Starfall
The only thing I can suggest is to get your work number on some kind of a Do Not Call list, and then report them if they keep calling (been there, done that), or if the recording leaves a phone number, call the phone number and tell them that you do not want anymore calls from them or you will report them to the state attorney general (or whoever it is that handles that kind of thing).

Answer by oklatom
You will have to call them on the number they leave in the recording, and ask them not to contact you by phone at work. If they continue, report them to your state's attorney generals office.

Added: to the rest of you talking about "Do not call" lists. This is for telemarketers making cold calls only, not collection agencies looking to be paid my using the number you supplied them with when you took out the loan you quit paying on. But as I said, you have to tell them NOT to contact you at your work number.

Answer by prettybird
if it is a telemarketer just register that number with the do-not-call registery. if it is a bill collector calling on a bill you owe there isn't anything you can do except call them and reslove the issue. If it is a work number and it is a personal bill then tell them to call you at home. Good luck

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